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restaurant tales

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Many people dream of owning a restaurant. I lived that dream for four years. The ups and downs that accompany restaurant ownership are so varied and often unbelievable. Although many people told me I shouldn’t own a restaurant, they never got into the real world details. Here’s a taste of what it is really like to own a restaurant day after day after day after day…


Work Day One 3-6-12
Wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then. –Bob Seger

It's a Done Deal 2-29-12
Prior to becoming restaurateurs, there were a couple of small independent restaurants my husband and I liked to frequent. One was a coffee shop owned by a husband and wife team.

They say owning a restaurant is like owning a boat 2-22-12
How many people do you know that have dreamt of owning a restaurant? Maybe even you have always wanted to own a restaurant. For four years I did own a restaurant. To be brutally honest, chances are you have no business owning a restaurant, and, neither did I.

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