Meatloaf Tips
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Meatloaf Tips

1. Be gentle with the mixing process – don’t over mix the meatloaf mix.

2. Make a tiny patty of the meatloaf mixture and sauté until cooked through – taste to see if you are happy with the seasonings – adjust as needed.

3. Line the baking pan with parchment paper to allow the meatloaf to easily release from the baking pan and make clean up easier.

4. Use an instant read thermometer to register 160 degrees inserted in the center of the meatloaf to determine doneness.

5. Allow meatloaf to rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing – will help it hold together.

6. Use a meatloaf pan with a slotted insert that raises the meatloaf out of the grease and allows for easy removal from the pan.

7. You may also bake meatloaf in mini cake pans or muffin pans of various sizes.

8. Make an extra meatloaf when you are making meatloaf – put one that has not been baked yet in the freezer for a ready made meal on the night when you don’t want to cook.

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