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Over the years I have developed an interest in health related issues when information and treatment I have received from conventional medicine did not address and treat the root causes of various medical conditions in my life. In my opinion, traditional medicine is often driven by profit (from the pharmaceutical companies) and lack of time (from overworked medical professionals) to really get to the root cause of a problem. As a society we have come to accept a quick "fix" to a problem in the form of a pill, but the problem is really not fixed, it is simply being medicated. I am more interested in learning why a problem occurs in the first place, how to provide the body with the proper nutrients, therapies, and, only when absolutely necessary, medications to heal itself. Even better, I believe in living a healthy lifestyle which includes prevention of illness through intelligent food choices, moderate exercise and the use of supplements and vitamins. To that end, I am including articles based on health information that resonates with me and has been more beneficial than options I have received most conventional doctors. I strongly believe in the body's ability to heal itself when we provide it with the proper environment. I am not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, but I am an advocate for healthy living and many forms of alternative medicine.

I write a weekly column about Thyroid Health for The thyroid is a powerful gland that impacts many functions throughout the body. ThyroidHealth

Essential Oil Topics


General Health Topics


Iodine - A Brief History

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Apriori Skincare Products
Apriori Skin Care products are free of parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - a harmful foaming agent), animal ingredients or testing, synthetic fragrances or dyes, harsh or toxic chemicals. The products use organic and natural ingredients - and provide immediate results!

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Mercury Toxicity

Nuclear Radiation

Perchlorate Contamination


Protection from Nuclear Radiation

Toxic Halogens and Iodine


Gluten Intolerance

Autoimmune Diseases and Gluten intolerance

Dangerous Grains

The G Free Diet

Gluten Intolerance

Thyroid Health Topics

Annoying Symptoms and Helpful Supplements

Anxiety and Depression

Artifical Sweetners

Beyond TSH, T4 and T3 Blood Tests

Blood Test Primer

Do You Suspect You Have a Thyroid Imbalance?

Hashimoto's Disease

Hyperparathyroidism and Hypothyroidism

Medications for Hashimoto's Disease


Surgical Scars

Thyroid Gland Overview

Thyroid Guards

Thyroid Medications

Top 10 Thyroid Tips

Women's Health Issues

Breast Health

Estrogen Dominance

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Hair Loss

Menstrual and Fertility Issues

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