Garden Therapy
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Garden Therapy
This year I’ve gone all out with my garden. Maybe because in recent years I’ve restrained myself from spending too much, or because we added a new area to plant full of veggies, or I needed a little extra garden therapy this year. It doesn’t really matter – the fact is - flowers, plants and healthy soil, just fill me with happiness.

Yesterday, I once again spent at least an hour browsing around my favorite garden shop. When I asked my husband to drop me off there while he went on to another store, he asked, “What more could you possible buy?” Silly man! Does it matter that I’ve now probably spent enough money on all the plants as we would have spent for a little weekend get-a-way? No. We don’t take many weekend get-a-ways and every time I look out one of the windows and see all the beautiful flowers I get far more pleasure than I would from 48 hours away from home.

Having a connection to the earth and the beauty it generates is a wonderful way to lift your spirits and calm your mind and soul. When I wander around my flower filled pots or spend time trimming, weeding, watering and tending the needs of each plant, I find immense serenity. Watching how the plants grow, the wildlife they attract and seeing something new each day is amazing. Even if you only have a small amount of time or space, putting your hands in the dirt and nurturing something to grow is a wonderful experience.

My neighbor has a rather plain yard. She works very long hours and has little or no time to spend gardening. She has some very lovely roses that line the driveway, and tends them when she gets a moment on the weekends. When she put in artificial tulips around the base of her tree, I felt it was a sign of her desire for beauty, but sadly, she was lacking the time and energy to really get it done right.

Yesterday was her first day of retirement. I am so happy for her! She has worked so hard and has wanted to retire for quite a while. Guess what the first thing she was doing yesterday morning on her first day of retirement? Gardening! She had already filled some pots full with colorful real flowers and the smile on her face was huge! She was just so happy and I thought, how healing, that on her first free day, she chose to fill her world with beauty. The artificial tulips are still there, but something tells me that is only a temporary situation.

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