Essential Oils Mouthwash
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essential oils moutnwash

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Essential Oil Mouthwash

Have you ever considered making your own mouthwash? Here’s my easy recipe which is free of fluoride, alcohol and other nasty chemicals. It also helps whiten your teeth, lessen tooth sensitivity, improve gum health and heal mouth sores.

1 cup hydrogen peroxide

3 cups distilled water

20 drops peppermint oil

15 drops rosemary oil

10 drops eucalyptus oil

10 drops lemon oil

10 drops clove oil

5 drops melaleuca oil

Combine all of the ingredients, stir or shake well and then pour into a container. I like to use glass containers. You can clean and save convenient sized glass bottles or jars. I make a bottle for each member of the family.

Remember to shake vigorously before using as all of the oils will float on the surface and do not swallow.

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