Dogs are Amazing
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Dogs are Amazing
Their intelligence never ceases to amaze me. I learn something from my dogs all the time – the key is to pay attention to them and closely watch their behavior.

One of our dogs taught us how to play hide and seek. When we would give him a treat, instead of eating it, he would hide it. Sometimes under the pillow on our bed, sometimes under a pile of blankets in the closet, or maybe he’d bury it out in the yard. After he had hidden it, he would bark at us and then lead us around to all of his hiding places – one at a time – until we would finally find it – and then he would eat the treat. The totally amazing thing was that he actually seemed entertained to watch us search for the treat in all the different spots, where he knew it wasn’t hidden, and then he was so satisfied when we finally would find it.

Another one of our dogs is a negotiator. He will hide, knowing that if we can’t find him, we’ll call his name and promise a treat – then he’ll come out of his hiding space and demand his treat. He also likes to run out the front door, take a few steps and then sit down. He will refuse to budge until we promise a treat – and then he runs into the house as quickly as he can.

The same dog does not like cooking smells – especially strong or hot oil smells. Anytime I’m cooking something he doesn’t like, he goes out his doggie door and stays just outside the door until the odors dissipate. We’ve always thought it was a funny behavior and thought he just had a sensitive nose. However, I recently bought a new cooking vessel and we suddenly realized how his behavior made perfect sense. The literature that came with the pot said,

“Fumes from everyday cooking can be harmful to small pets, particularly smoke from burning foods. Never allow a pan to overheat and never cook with birds or small pets in or near the kitchen.”

Instinctually, my dog knew the cooking fumes were not good for him – what a smart little guy!

Take time to really observe your dogs – they have so much to teach us!

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